Emperor Group ④: Challenge the Chief Playboy

The next day, not surprisingly,ceramic bobbin heater core, Dongmen Street was already full of people. Some fans of Le Sixuan had already lined up in front of the new store. Many people passing by could not help but follow the trend. After all, the bread and cakes made by the shops that cou

After he hung up the phone, he immediately made a phone call to Luo Han: "Luo Han, I have something to go out, the following meeting is cancelled..." "That, that." What about the plane ticket? Chi Yu stepped into the elevator and paused. After a while, he said, "Wait a little longer." Regent Hotel Presidential Suite When Chi Yu entered, Si Ren and Meng Shaonan were reclining on the sofa, and at the other end, Cang Mu was sitting there drinking wine. Yo, three men in a play, where do you talk heart to heart? Chi Yu went in and sat down in the middle of Si Ren and Meng Shaonan. He also saw the phantom standing by the wine cabinet. What does the Red Eagle want to drink? The Phantom opened his mouth and poured the red wine in his hand without looking up at him. Oh, you're welcome. I'll do it myself. How can I ask a beautiful woman to do it? He grinned. Si Ren kicked him: "Why did you forget your blue lion today?" Really, why didn't the Blue Lion come? This heartless, see me think of him to think of the heart is painful, he actually forgot me completely ah. "Come on, you don't know who you're thinking about." Si Ren sniffed. Alas. Yes, Silver Fox, you're getting married tomorrow. Do you still have the leisure to run here? Seeing Si Ren, he suddenly remembered that tomorrow was his wedding day, that he was doomed not to go to Bordeaux,10g Ozone Generator, that he was doomed not to see her, and that he only missed her. All right, Red Eagle, you're here this time, mainly for the heart of the ocean. Cang Mu took a sip of wine, looked up at the crowd and said lightly, "Rumor has it that the boss of Tiandao Gang will come from the United States this time. He must attach great importance to the heart of the ocean. Maybe they have drawn up a careful plan. It is imperative for the heart of the ocean.." I don't want to call you all out, especially Night Wolf,Alumina Ceramic C795, you have nothing to do with the Emperor Group. "But it's always been a part of the Emperor Group." Meng Shaonan raised his eyes and whispered. When Cang Mu heard Meng Shaonan's words, he smiled and continued to look at them: "I want each of you to help the Blue Lion with all your strength, but you must remember that you can't make fun of your own life. This time, I think the purpose of Edinan Sanders lies not only in the heart of the ocean, but also in.." We "We?" Chi Yu raised his eyebrows and smiled again. "Did he take a fancy to us?" "Yes, Red Eagle, you are such a diamond bachelor, it is me, I will also take a fancy to.." Si Ren teased at one side. Chi Yu glanced at him grumpily. "Don't tell me about that Yi. It's the second Lester, Silver Fox. It's your turn. You go to round the regret of Lester last time.." "Do you have to say if I have this interest?" Si Ren kicked him again. Hey, you've been a gentleman for so many years in vain. "" "I didn't admit that I was a gentleman." "Yes, you are a hypocrite, a whole little man." "I agree, the little man who cheated Siqi." Meng Shaonan interrupted lazily. Phantom, you fly back to America at eight o'clock in the evening. Cang Mu did not participate in their dialogue, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, but said to the phantom sitting beside him. The Phantom seemed to look up at the man beside him in disbelief. "Why?" "The headquarters also needs someone to take care of it." "Alas, boss, you are not right. Tomorrow is the silver fox's wedding. How can you ask the Phantom to go back?"? No matter what, wait until after the wedding feast. "Yes, boss, it's not easy to get together." Si Ren also said. Aren't there Fujino in the United States? The Phantom looked at him. Now that the boss of Tiandao Gang has come, it must not be simple, and the only thing she has to do is not to leave him. Cang Mu didn't say anything, just reached out and rubbed her long, fine and smooth hair: "Be obedient, be obedient.." The Phantom did not speak again, but lowered his eyes and stopped looking at him. All right, Phantom, see how much the boss loves you. There will be another watch later. Chapter 268 "All right, Phantom, see how much the boss loves you." Before Chi Yu had finished speaking, he was interrupted by Cang Mu: "Red Eagle, where is the object of your love?" It's all right. I'm leaving. Silver Fox, you can get out of here. You don't have premarital phobia tomorrow? And boss Meng, Rufeng is waiting for you to have dinner at home. Why are you still sitting around? When Si Ren and Meng Shaonan saw Chi Yu's appearance, they couldn't help laughing out loud: "Boss, I've hit the nail on the head.." "Roll on, you don't understand the amorous feelings." How much time do you think it will be before eight o'clock in the evening? Can't you leave the boss and the Phantom alone? Chi Yu stared at Si Ren angrily, picked up his coat and walked out: "Boss, I'm not talking about you. I think you should buy a villa here.." "Who told your hotel to feel at home?" Cang Mu smiled at Chi Yu's back. Is it? ' Chi Yu walked to the door and turned around, smiling at the people in the room. "Then I should thank you for your contribution to my career.." "Be polite, friend, should be, silver fox night wolf, next time you also come to pack a room." "Oh, Red Eagle, you can say that you want a discount first." "Or send it." "Red Eagle, you're too kind." Meng Shaonan said slowly, "which suite are you going to give us?"? Go downstairs and take care of it first, and we'll get the key later. "All right.." Without saying a word, Chi Yu opened the door and went out. Driving in the street, it's still early, want to call the Blue Lion, hesitated, or put down the phone. At the red light at the intersection, he stopped and remembered what the silver fox had just said, "Red Eagle, where is the object of your heartache?" The object of his affection? He was only distressed for one person, and only she taught him to feel distressed, but that person was far away in Bordeaux. Suddenly I thought of Cen Yiling. In the past, when he saw her crying, he felt uncomfortable in his heart, and then felt a dull pain. At that time,steatite c221, he thought it was heartache. But after knowing her, he knew that the real heartache was not like that. The sharp pain like a bayonet in the chest was heartache. Dull pain and sharp pain, affection and love. global-ceramics.com

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