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This space is locked in the chaotic color of Buqingyun and Nine Days and One Week. The upper part is covered with dark clouds, and the center is rotating like a black hole, with bursts of pulling force passing down from above. Poof! At the moment of the formation of space, the ghost fire,

Chapter 476 an intriguing smile. Chapter 476 an intriguing smile. "If I fight with you, the pagoda and your pet animal are not allowed to participate. Dare or dare not?" Dressed in embroidered Jiugongtu Taoist robe, the man said that his identity was the head of Jiugongmen! It is called Nine Days One, and it has been hundreds of years since it reached the peak of Nirvana. //Baidu Search: Read Novels// "Wheeze!" Shen Wu extraordinary Yan shouted out a sharp cry, as if in anger against the nine days. Dare and dare not? Jiutianyi ignored Yan and just asked again. The pagoda, which was about ten feet tall, was silent at the moment, but it was still spinning fast, and the monks of the two demons dared not approach it for fear of being crushed into flesh, mud, and blood by the pagoda. Dare not dare? Jiu Tianyi asked for the third time, aggressively. Jiutian looked ordinary and was not tall, but there was a misty black fog all over his body, as if something was hidden behind him. The monks of the two ways did not open their mouths, waiting for Bu Qingyun to answer. After a cup of tea, Buqingyun was still silent. In the deserted street, there was only the sound of breathing the atmosphere and the wind whistling formed by the rapid rotation of the pagoda. Nine masters, how dare this waste fight? Someone said sarcastically, trying to provoke Buqingyun to fight in this way. Bu Qingyun's face was expressionless, but when he heard this, he raised his eyebrows. He kept silent all the time. He wanted to see the behavior of these people. It seemed that they were all sanctimonious hypocrites as he had expected. As soon as Jiutian was afraid, he was afraid that Bu Qingyun would not agree. He said again,tile trim manufacturers, "As long as you take up the challenge.". I'll give you three moves! "Headmaster Jiu, you flatter this waste too much.". So what if you give him ten moves? "Ten strokes?"? Let twenty strokes this waste can not do anything, how can the firefly compete with the moon? Ridiculous! In the crowd, sarcasm and laughter are constantly ringing, these people are all strong, but now in order to provoke step by step, it is really ridiculous! Bu Qingyun shook his head, and in everyone's eyes he thought he was refusing,metal trim manufacturers, and his face changed. He felt that this man was not provoked by others and did not look like a hot-blooded young man. Unexpectedly, Bu Qingyun shook his head with a smile and said, "What about fighting you once?" The pagoda and Yan did not make a sound, but quietly looked at the opposite nine days. As soon as Jiutian heard this, he frowned with joy and shouted, "Good!"! In that case. Then let the pagoda and your pet beast leave quickly, and let us have a good fight! Seeing this, those strong people on one side also smiled and looked at each other with a look of disdain in their eyes. Some even muttered in a low voice: "Young and vigorous.". Even if you have the talent to go against the sky, you will only end up dead! "Ridiculous, ridiculous!"! How can you shake a big tree? These voices were so low that the people around them could not hear them, but Buqingyun's divine consciousness was so powerful that all these words fell into his ears. Bu Qingyun was not angry at all. On the contrary, there is a thought-provoking smile on his face, if he is not sure. How could he promise lightly? "Jiutianyi tried to control his joy and looked at the tall pagoda and the fire, and motioned them to get out of the way." Son of a bitch, do you believe that I will crush you directly? Now that he has promised to fight with you, tile trim factory ,tile profile factory, I won't do it! The old voice of the tower soul sounded. Wheezy! Inflammation is also a discontented scream. Jiutianyi was still not at ease, but he dared not make a sound in the face of the pagoda and turned his eyes to the young man he was facing. Bu Qingyun is very calm looking at him, no waves in his heart, for this fight, even if he is defeated, he will not be killed by the other side. What's more, if you can't kill each other, why do you promise? The silence before was to see the faces of these people. Come on Bu Qingyun smiled and said to Jiutianyi, who was wearing a nine-palace Taoist robe. Bu Qingyun's smile and calmness puzzled the master of the Nine Palaces, and he had a little doubt in his heart. Those strong people on one side are also so thoughtful, they do not understand why Buqingyun is so confident, especially when he shows that intriguing smile, which makes people hesitate. Put on an act! I don't know who said that. All the people around me raised their eyebrows and felt that this sentence was reasonable, but when they immediately thought about it, they felt that things were very strange, especially the smile. No one could understand the meaning of the smile. Now, even if the heart has doubts, even if there is danger lurking, nine days one also have to face up. This fight was brought up by him. Hum Nine days a stuffy drink, suddenly, the whole body shines with a gloomy and eerie light, there are more than ten, about the size of a palm, like a ghost fire. Whew! As the wind whistled, the ghost fire blew away, trying to trap Buqingyun. Bu Qingyun did not move, so he stood there motionless, his face calm, the corners of his mouth also raised a smile. Nine days a body spread, Wan like an eagle spreading its wings, the wind at his feet, as fast as lightning, and the faint light around him emitted the sound of ghosts crying and wolves howling, whimpering, which made people feel very harsh. But even so, Buqingyun still did not move, so standing. Everyone looked at the confident smile on Bu Qingyun's face, and they were all very confused, not knowing what the man was doing. Nine days one is also very confused, but now it is the arrow from the bow, it is too late to take back. Seeing that the ghost fire was about to form an array to trap Buqingyun, he saw his palm waving at will, and the surrounding space changed, distorted and deformed to form a closed space. This space is locked in the chaotic color of Buqingyun and Nine Days and One Week. The upper part is covered with dark clouds, and the center is rotating like a black hole, with bursts of pulling force passing down from above. Poof! At the moment of the formation of space, the ghost fire, like being poured cold water,aluminum tile edge trim, turned into a thick smoke and dissipated in the chaos. Nine days ago, I just felt a black in front of my eyes. The place he was in had changed, and by the time he came to his senses. Has hit the front of Buqingyun.

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