Legend of Little Soldier

Under the attack of the three warships of the Tang Dynasty, the front of the anti-Tang alliance immediately howled. Commander in Chief! The enemy's

Under the attack of the three warships of the Tang Dynasty, the front of the anti-Tang alliance immediately howled. Commander in Chief! The enemy's artillery fire is fierce, support quickly! The commanders who were attacked by the Tang Dynasty sent communications to Liu Bin one after another requesting support. After all, without the status of commander in chief, it was impossible for them to let other allies come up to help. Liu Bin replied to them: "Hold on, the reinforcements will support you right away." Instead of paying attention to them, he ordered the other commanders directly: "Don't tangle with the enemy, return to the second line, and then assemble the team for a little attack." Liu Bin knew that to deal with such a powerful warship as the Tang Dynasty, he could only concentrate on attacking, not disperse to encircle, because that would only make the Tang Dynasty make a hole in the encirclement circle. Of course, he would be so kind, mainly to make the situation balanced, otherwise let the Tang Dynasty benefit, according to the character of those national commanders, the allies will immediately flee, and hide back to the country, it is impossible to fight with the Tang Dynasty. But for Liu Bin's order, some commanders obeyed the order to retreat and assemble forces, some continued to fight with the Tang army, of course, there were also those who were ready to retreat, including the twelve countries in the crescent moon star field who were extremely wary of Tiele. At this moment, the commanders of these twelve countries are talking through classified communications: "Damn!"! Liu Bin,coltan ore processing, that bastard, told us to fight to death in front, but his troops in Tiele hid behind to see the scenery. What else could it be if it wasn't a borrowed knife to kill people? Roared one of the commanders. Ladies and gentlemen, I just checked the battlefield records and found that each of our countries has lost more than two thousand warships since the war, while Tiele has not lost anything except one thousand small warships. A commander said with a solemn face. One of the commanders immediately shouted, "I knew this expedition was a plot by Tiele!"! It's a pity that your majesty of our country just doesn't believe it. It's wishful thinking that Tiele is to destroy the Tang Dynasty! "Alas, the country of Tiele has already confused the majesties of all countries with the beautiful women sent by the allies. Can your majesty still listen to what our subordinates say?" A commander sighed. Ladies and gentlemen, now we already know that Tiele is uneasy and well-intentioned, and look at the fighting capacity of the Tang Dynasty,coltan ore processing, this war is very mysterious, should we make a decision as soon as possible? Said a commander with a strong face. A commander suggested, "Why don't we retreat now?"? Although we only have about four thousand warships now, as long as our twelve countries are United, our total strength is 48,000, whether offensive or defensive, it is a powerful force. "Well, if this battle continues as it is now, the strength of most countries will be greatly reduced, and it may even be completely annihilated, so that when we have so many troops, we can.." A commander could not help laughing when he said this. Hey hey, when the time comes, we will be the first to send our troops to kill Tiele and see if they dare to boast that they are the strongest country in the three star fields! A commander said with excitement on his face. The commanders looked at each other, saw the determination in each other's eyes, and nodded fiercely. Apart from the command palace, Carbon in Pulp ,portable gold wash plant, which had the intention to retreat, and the front-line troops who had lost their heads, most of the other commanders of the anti-Tang alliance knew that the vanguard had collapsed and could not be saved, so they all obeyed Liu Bin's orders and built a solid counterattack formation behind the vanguard. Then, when the Tang army was entangled with the vanguard, the army suddenly pressed forward and launched a fierce attack. If not to increase their own credit, they are too lazy to rescue the former army, after all, in the front line of death, is the troops of other countries. This attack is very effective, where attacked, the Tang fleet is all finished, after all, the firepower of hundreds of thousands of warships concentrated, can not resist. The anti-Tang alliance, which found the situation tilted to its own side, became excited again, and the vanguard troops resisted even more desperately. Just so easy to play the situation, and did not last long, the Tang army aware of the danger, is not scattered or dash into the enemy formation, so that the anti-tang alliance attack can not play a role, can only become a situation of artillery bombardment. However, the anti-Tang alliance is still full of confidence, because in any case, their side of the forces have the upper hand, is the damage of three to one with the Tang Dynasty, they are also sure to win. However, the twelve countries determined to retreat, but did not stay, continue to secretly move back, because of the fierce war, no one paid attention to them, even Liu Bin did not pay attention. When the two sides fired at each other and the number of warships on both sides dropped sharply, although they had broken away from the cover of the X warships, the 10,000 advanced transport ships, which had not been attacked because the anti-Tang alliance was busy attacking the Tang warships, suddenly stopped, then opened the hatch and quickly unloaded countless huge metal balls hundreds of meters in diameter. With hundreds of very small ships. After emptying the cabin, the transport ship immediately turned around and flew away, leaving the dense metal balls and hundreds of small spaceships moored in place. And the thousand beehive warships that came slowly behind, did not pay any attention to the transport ships that passed by them, and went straight into the pile of metal balls. Liu Bin, who had been paying attention to the war situation, could not help but motioned to his subordinates to expand the image of the pile of objects on the screen when he saw the transport ship leaving after unloading a batch of supplies. When he saw the close images of those objects, Liu Bin was stunned, because those spherical objects were actually armed satellites that Liu Bin was very familiar with! Damn it! How could Datang make so many armed satellites? There are at least hundreds of thousands of stars in that starry sky! Liu Bin muttered to himself. Although he captured a thousand armed satellites in the silver fortress, he knew that the Tang Dynasty would make such satellites, but he did not expect that the Tang Dynasty could make so many in less than half a year. You know, there are three star fields, more than a thousand planets, 35 countries, and the total number of armed satellites manufactured in the past six months is only about 10,tin beneficiation plant,000. How can the Tang Dynasty, which has only 42 planets, have such a strong production capacity. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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