Earthly fate

Under the attack of the three warships of the Tang Dynasty, the front of the anti-Tang alliance immediately howled. Commander in Chief! The enemy's

Different roads lead to the same goal. People and demons practice different methods, but their essence and purpose are the same. Even the major stages in the process of spiritual practice have a lot in common after careful consideration. In the few articles left by the Taoist sect Miaoyin Zhenren, it is mentioned that there is no difference in the way of human and demon cultivation, but that most of the people in the world who cultivate Taoism are arrogant, regard themselves as orthodox, and look down on the demon clan in the world. In fact, they do not know that this is really like setting up a cage for themselves and limiting their achievements in this life. Of course, shemales are also different. It takes hundreds of years at most for people to ascend, while it takes at least a thousand years for the demon clan to ascend. This has become a reason for monks to look down on the demon clan. Ji Ruochen had been with Tsing Yi for a long time, and had seen with his own eyes the power of Honghuangwei. Of course, he would not be as partial to monsters as those vulgar people. (First issue in Changjiang Chinese). The evil spirit looming over Shuize is light but not scattered, powerful but not fierce, and has the meaning of containing all things, which is no small matter. I don't know how many years it took for the monster entrenched in the water to get rid of its ferocity and become more and more perfect. According to the Shenzhou Qi Yun Map, the spirit cave is in the depths of this water. Although Ji Ruochen has made great progress in his ability, he also knows that it is a delusion to get the source of spiritual power from the guard of such a monster. He hesitated for a moment, feeling that with his body and the art of breathing, he might be able to deceive the giant demon and sneak into the water to explore the spirit cave. But the demon and the human are different, the majority of demon clans are far superior to the human race, and Ji Ruochen is at most 40% sure that he can sneak into the water. Is it 40% sure? Ji Ruochen frowned, then stretched out and said to himself, "Forty percent is not too small.". What's more, look at this evil spirit, it must be a demon who has attained the Tao. He really can't escape it. Maybe he can make a discussion or something. Welcome! He tied up his Taoist robe and prepared to go down to the peak. Daze is not far away from the peak, but it takes at least half a day to walk all the way. Many demon clans have the temperament of hiding in the daytime and coming out at night, so it is not a good idea to explore the water at night. Ji Ruochen had just taken a step when suddenly a mountain wind blew on his face. The wind was clear and cold. A few more glittering drops of water fell from the sky and hit the rocks in front of Ji Ruochen's toes, creating several tiny crown-like splashes. It's raining Ji Ruochen looked at the traces of water on the rocks, his eyebrows gradually locked,Portable gold trommel, and his face was rarely dignified. [Changjiang Chinese First Issue]. He slowly raised his head and looked at the sky. Just above the blue sky, I do not know when this moment has gathered dozens of miles around the clouds. The center of the cloud cluster is thick and thick, and it gradually extends and thins around. According to common sense, such a thick cloud should have been as dark as lead, but the cloud was unusually bright white, reflecting the mountain without any shadow, just like a blazing sun hidden in the cloud! The wind is still and the clouds are moving. The clouds whirled and expanded at an incredible speed and kept falling. It stopped falling when it reached less than a hundred feet above Ji Ruochen. By this time, the clouds had already expanded for more than a hundred miles. Ji Ruochen looked around, and except for a touch of glow in the east, the rest of the sky was covered by a vast sea of clouds. It's an earth-shaking change, but it happens between a few breaths. The clouds were getting brighter and brighter, illuminating the mountains and forests, and there was no shadow at all. Ji Ruochen no longer looked at the sky, but raised his left hand, gold cil machine ,gold heap leaching, the palm of his hand shining like jade. The skylight of the clouds reflected down and stained his left hand with a faint lavender. Looking at the familiar lavender, Ji Ruochen had a faint shadow on his face. Suddenly I heard a light sound like a broken bronze mirror, and more than a dozen purple lights, like long snakes, meandered across the sky! Cloud center quietly dispersed, purple fire thunder gathered from all directions, forming seven thunder beads, flying around, holding Gu Qing slowly falling from the clouds. Will become the driving force of the author's creation, please work hard to cheer for the author! WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 18 is not as good as remembering. Chapter 18 is not as good as missing I don't know how long it has been floating in the dark, but the soul consciousness has finally gathered a little, so a line of wisdom has illuminated the muddleheaded sea of knowledge. I'm.. Where is it? The first thought was that although he could feel the situation around him, everything was still in the clouds, and only a vague outline could be seen. Consciousness is like sinking to the bottom of the water, and every jump is very sluggish. Vaguely, he seemed to hear a shrill scream piercing the water. Screaming like a needle stung him, and every time he was stung, he felt his strength drained and the scenery around him blurred. He instinctively felt the danger, so with a sharp pain, his consciousness suddenly trembled, like a frightened fish struggling to jump out of the water! The surrounding scenery became clear at once. This is a gray world, all the scenery is composed of different levels of gray, the sky is deep and boundless, large areas seem to be clouds of thick gray, around the middle of the sky, a huge black hole slowly rotating. The darkness in the middle of the sky was bottomless and boundless, and even if the most magnificent mountain he had ever seen was thrown into it, it seemed like a stone thrown into the sea, and it would disappear in a moment. Where is here? As soon as the thought came to him, a terrible pain came with a scream, but this time his consciousness had risen to the surface, so it sounded more than ten times louder? This immediately awakened his intuition of danger, so he looked sideways and saw a thin shadow floating beside him, with a ferocious face at the top of the shadow, a mouth disproportionately large, and a shadow at the bottom like smoke, blurred, gathering and dispersing.. Now the shadow was opening its mouth, screaming at him, and then biting up again! When he was frightened, he waved his hand hurriedly, only to find that he had no hand at all! The surprise was no small matter, and after the trembling, his divinity sobered up a little, and only then did he "see" his own situation. In fact,mineral flotation, he had no eyes at all, and everything he saw was felt directly, so he could see every corner of his body as long as he wanted.


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