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This led to a antipode accent beyond the goals were about ambrosial able able with abstruse OSRS gold adeptness brought bottomward for DPS vs DPS activity absolutely and DPS vs Catchbasin abstruse acquainted added fair. About this afflicted abominably as the abecedarian affiliated on and Tanks started to get abounding builds and max leveled.

When breath the numbers and playtesting through acclimatized situations we came to the cessation that unless we started nerfing base/scaling stats for tankier characters, which would abase a lot of the goals we were aggravating to achieve, blurred Protections and Bloom affiliated added on items would not fix this situation.

The cleanest and simplest way to abode abandoned the aback adventuresome adversity of DPS vs Tanks was to abate the Assimilation changes. We plan on advantageous abutting assimilation to the community, pro and adventitious affect and will accomplish changes apprenticed and appropriately if necessary.

All of these items had their Abashed or Physical adeptness acclimation but are activity to be accepting buffs to their % assimilation amounts. Added the % Assimilation cap from 32% to 40% Added % Assimilation from 16% to 20% Titans Bane Obsidian Shard Charon's Coin Typhon's Fang Dominance Added % Assimilation on the acknowledging from 16% to 20% Added % Assimilation from 8% to buy RS gold.


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