PUBG Mobile 3.1 Update: P90 Airdrop and Key Gun Balances

The PUBG Mobile 3.1 patch introduces significant changes to the game's weaponry. The P90 SMG has become an exclusive air drop weapon with unique features, while rifles like the Ace32 and M762 have been enhanced for better recoil control and animations. Shotguns such as the DBS have b

The latest PUBG Mobile 3.1 patch has brought about significant changes to the game's weaponry. Notably, the iconic P90 SMG has undergone a major overhaul, transforming into an exclusive air drop weapon. It now boasts unique 5.7mm ammo, a built-in suppressor, and adjustable sight magnification, making it a formidable choice for players lucky enough to secure it.

The patch also focuses on improving the performance of rifles such as the Ace32 and M762, with enhancements to recoil control and animations. Shotguns have not been overlooked, as the DBS has seen a reduction in damage multipliers, while the M1014 has received a boost in damage decay. These adjustments are aimed at creating a more balanced and dynamic gameplay experience across all firearm categories.

Key Firearm Adjustments in PUBG Mobile 3.1 Patch:- P90 SMG has transitioned to an air drop-exclusive weapon with unique features.- Rifles like the Ace32 and M762 have been improved in terms of recoil control and animations.- Shotguns, including the DBS and M1014, have undergone tweaks to enhance their performance and balance in the game.The latest PUBG Mobile 3.1 patch introduces exciting changes to the game's firearms and shotguns. Here are the key highlights of the patch:

New P90 Firearm:- The P90 firearm will now be available in airdrop crates, using a unique 5.7mm ammo.- It boasts a high rate of fire and remarkably low recoil, making it a formidable choice in battles.- Equipped with a built-in suppressor and laser sight, it offers a level of stealth and accuracy that is unmatched.- The P90 comes with an exclusive sight that allows players to switch between two different levels of magnification for enhanced targeting.

Firearm Adjustments:- The Ace32 has undergone significant improvements, including reduced vertical and horizontal recoil, faster firing animation, improved firing stability, and a slightly increased rate of fire.- The M762 now features slightly reduced recoil and a faster firing animation, enhancing its overall performance in combat situations.

Shotgun Adjustments:- The DBS shotgun has received adjustments, including a slightly decreased firing interval and reduced damage multiplier for hitting the head and body, balancing its power in the game.- The M1014 now boasts an increased damage decay, altering its effectiveness in close-quarters engagements.

The spotlight of these adjustments falls on the changes made to the DBS shotgun, addressing its previous overpowered state that has been a point of contention among both casual and professional players. These changes aim to provide a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience for all PUBG Mobile enthusiasts.

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