Ultimate Genshin Impact Itto Guide: Ascension & Talent Materials

The article provides a comprehensive guide on the ascension and talent materials required for the character Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact. It details the specific materials needed at different adventure ranks, including Prithiva Topaz, slime items, Riftborn Regalia, and Mora. Additionally


Itto's Ascension and Talent Materials

To prepare for Arataki Itto's ascension and talent upgrades in Genshin Impact, it is essential to gather a variety of materials. The process involves acquiring Prithiva Topaz, slime items, and Riftborn Regalia. Below is a breakdown of the materials required for each phase of ascension:

  1. Ascending Itto from level 1 to 20 necessitates the following items:
  2. 1x Prithiva Topaz Sliver
  3. 3x Slime Condensate
  4. 3x Onikabuto
  5. 20,000 Mora

Make sure to gather these materials in advance to ensure a smooth transition during the ascension process.At Adventure Rank 40+, you will need the following materials for Itto's ascension: - 3x Prithiva Topaz Fragment - 15x Slime Condensate - 10x Onikabuto - 2x Riftborn Regalia - 40,000 Mora

At Adventure Rank 50+, the required materials are: - 6x Prithiva Topaz Fragment - 12x Slime Secretions - 20x Onikabuto - 4x Riftborn Regalia - 60,000 Mora

Upon reaching Adventure Rank 60+, you will require: - 3x Prithiva Topaz Chunk - 18x Slime Secretions - 30x Onikabuto - 8x Riftborn Regalia - 80,000 Mora

As you progress to Adventure Rank 70+, the materials needed will be: - 6x Prithiva Topaz Chunk - 12x Slime Concentrate - 45x Onikabuto - 12x Riftborn Regalia - 100,000 Mora

Finally, at Adventure Rank 80+, you'll need: - 6x Prithiva Topaz Gemstone - 24x Slime Concentrate - 60x Onikabuto - 20x Riftborn Regalia - 120,000 Mora

In total, for Itto's ascension, you'll need: - 1x Prithiva Topaz Sliver - 9x Prithiva Topaz Fragment - 9x Prithiva Topaz ChunkTo ascend and level up Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact, you will need the following materials:

Ascension Materials:- 6 Prithiva Topaz Gemstone- 168 Onikabuto- 18 Slime Condensate- 30 Slime Secretions- 36 Slime Concentrate- 46 Riftborn Regalia- 420,000 Mora

Talent Level-Up Materials:- Level 2: 3 Teachings of Elegance, 6 Slime Condensate, 12,500 Mora- Level 3: 2 Guide to Elegance, 3 Slime Secretions, 17,500 Mora- Level 4: 4 Guide to Elegance, 4 Slime Secretions, 25,000 Mora- Level 5: 6 Guide to Elegance, 6 Slime Secretions, 30,000 Mora- Level 6: 9 Guide to Elegance, 9 Slime Secretions, 37,500 Mora

In addition, Itto's talents also require a drop from the Signora weekly boss battle in Inazuma.

Arataki Itto's Ascension Requirements

To ascend Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact, you will need a variety of materials at different levels. Here's a breakdown of the materials required for each level of ascension:

  • Level 7: 4x Philosophies of Elegance, 4x Slime Concentrate, 120,000 Mora, 1x Ashen Heart
  • Level 8: 6x Philosophies of Elegance, 6x Slime Concentrate, 260,000 Mora, 1x Ashen Heart
  • Level 9: 12x Philosophies of Elegance, 9x Slime Concentrate, 450,000 Mora, 2x Ashen Heart
  • Level 10: 16x Philosophies of Elegance, 12x Slime Concentrate, 700,000 Mora, 2x Ashen Heart, 1x Crown of Insight

In total, to upgrade one of Itto's talents to level 10, you'll need a combination of materials including teachings of elegance, guide to elegance, philosophies of elegance, slime condensate, slime secretions, ashen heart, crown of insight, and 1,652,500 Mora. To upgrade all three of his talents, you'll need three times the amount of the materials listed above.

You can find Arataki Itto's materials in various locations across the game world of Genshin Impact. Explore domains, defeat bosses, and complete quests to gather the required materials for Itto's ascension.

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