Complete RTTF Kondogbia SBC: Affordable FIFA 24 Guide & Tips

Electronic Arts has introduced a special Squad Building Challenge (SBC) in FC 24 Ultimate Team featuring a Road to the Final (RTTF) item honoring ongoing European soccer competitions. The SBC allows players to acquire a powerful addition to their roster by completing the RTTF Geoffrey Kond



Electronic Arts has infused FC 24 Ultimate Team with fresh excitement by introducing a special Squad Building Challenge (SBC), featuring a Road to the Final (RTTF) item that celebrates the ongoing European soccer competitions.



  • As the quarter-finals of the European leagues are set to kick off, EA has tailored an SBC that aligns with the Europa League theme.
  • Players now have the opportunity to acquire a powerful addition to their roster by completing the RTTF Geoffrey Kondogbia SBC at an affordable cost, bringing the Olympique de Marseille star into their lineup.
  • The introduction of Geoffrey Kondogbia's RTTF item is a part of the latest content drop by EA, providing a high-caliber card for Ultimate Team aficionados.
  • Although the promo initially launched in February, the inclusion of Kondogbia's SBC offers a fresh twist, with the card boasting impressive attributes that can enhance any team.
  • To witness potential enhancements to Kondogbia's already formidable 88-rated RTTF card, fans will be closely watching as Olympique de Marseille faces off against Benfica in the Europa League, a matchup that could prove pivotal for the card's value.
  • Kondogbia's RTTF card is well-rounded with stellar stats, including an 84 for pace, 79 for shooting, 83 for passing, 83 for dribbling, 87 for defending, and a robust 90 for physical prowess, making him a standout midfielder from the Central African Republic.


Kondogbia's SBC Card Details and PlayStyles+


Additionally, Kondogbia boasts the Anticipate and Power Shot PlayStyles+ attributes, enhancing his in-game performance. He is also skilled with both feet and in trickery, as evidenced by his four-star rating in weak foot ability and skill moves.



SBC Cheapest Solutions and Requirements


Understanding the value that Geoffrey Kondogbia's Road to the Final (RTTF) card can bring to your FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, it's essential to explore the most cost-effective methods to acquire him through the Squad Building Challenge (SBC).


  • Essential Criteria:
  • At least one player from Ligue 1 Uber Eats must be included in the starting lineup.
  • The squad must have a minimum overall rating of 85.

  • Team Composition:





  • Compact Pack of Gold-Level Players


Additional SBC Requirements and Solutions

Unlocking the RTTF Kondogbia SBC involves assembling a squad that meets specific criteria. Here's what you'll need to do:


  • Incorporate at least one Team of the Week (TOTW) player into your starting lineup.
  • Ensure the overall rating of your team is at least 86.





  • Exclusive Premium Electrum Players Bundle


Completion Cost and Final Thoughts

Upon successful completion of the Squad Building Challenge (SBC), players can acquire the RTTF Kondogbia card to bolster their Ultimate Team roster. The dynamic midfielder from Marseille can be unlocked for an estimated cost of 90k coins .


Are you planning to tackle this SBC to enhance your squad? Share your thoughts and plans in the comment section!



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