Optimize Your Penny Gameplay: Top Gear and Gadgets Guide

The article provides a comprehensive guide to optimizing Penny's performance in Brawl Stars with the best gear, gadgets, and star power. Despite not being at the top of the tier list, Penny's unique abilities can still surprise opponents.


Looking to elevate your Penny game in Brawl Stars? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to optimize Penny's performance with the best gear, gadgets, and star power.

As of April 10, 2024, Penny may not be at the top of the Brawl Stars tier list, but her unique abilities can still catch opponents off guard. We've revisited our guide to ensure it aligns with the current meta, so you're equipped with the latest strategies.

When it comes to gadgets, the "Salty Barrel" is Penny's go-to choice. This versatile gadget not only provides a defensive advantage by blocking enemy projectiles, but it also serves as a powerful offensive tool. When Penny's gold pouch hits the barrel, it bursts, causing her attack to splash out, catching enemies off-guard and creating opportunities for aggressive plays.

As for star power, Penny's "Last Blast" reigns supreme. This star power adds a whole new layer of strategy to Penny's gameplay by causing her cannon to explode upon destruction, dealing significant damage to nearby enemies. This can turn the tide of battle, especially in tight situations where every bit of extra firepower counts.

When it comes to gears, prioritize boosting Penny's attack damage and reload speed. This will amplify her offensive capabilities, allowing her to assert dominance on the battlefield.

With the right combination of gadget, star power, and gears, you'll be well-equipped to unleash Penny's full potential and dominate in Brawl Stars.When it comes to selecting Penny's star power, the choice should align with your personal play style. In the current tank-heavy meta, "Master Blaster" stands out as a top choice. This star power transforms Penny's cannon into a crowd control weapon, capable of knocking back brawlers and inflicting damage upon deployment. It serves as an effective means to safeguard Penny from close-ranged threats, providing her and her allies with breathing space. Particularly in intense situations, the knockback effect can disrupt enemy formations and create opportunities for your team.

As for Penny's gears, versatility is essential. The recommended options are the speed gear and damage gear, which generally offer the best advantages. The speed gear enhances Penny's mobility, enabling her to swiftly reposition herself, a crucial ability given her moderate health and slow reload speed. On the other hand, the damage gear amplifies her offensive prowess, ensuring each attack carries more impact.

In situations where survival becomes paramount, it's worth considering the inclusion of the shield gear. This gear provides an additional layer of protection, bolstering Penny's endurance and prolonging her effectiveness in combat.


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