Prehistoric immortality

Cheng yuanfan said to a beautiful girl who looked about the same age as Cheng Chi, "Is Xiao Xin preparing to go to school in the United States?"? Cheng Chi,Lamella Plate Settler, ask her more if you don't understand. Cheng Chi raised his eyebrows, looked at his father in

"It's also time to pass down the supernatural power of practicing Dharma, everyone is a demon, heaven and earth are in harmony, open the blood of the human race, and achieve the hegemony of the demon race!" Emperor Xin appeared in front of a God map, ten thousand demons appear together, worship the demon emperor together, the real ten thousand demons map, adhering to the will of the ten thousand demons of heaven and earth was born of a treasure. Gods have spirits, windless and automatic, floating in front of Emperor Xin, the figure of an ancient demon flashes, lifelike. In the past, I have never really led you to the peak. This time, I will make a comeback and fight against heaven and earth. I will never yield. The Demon Clan Yongchang, the Great Religion of the Demon Clan, will also be built up to achieve the Pure Land of the Demon clan! Emperor Xin's arms are in the sky, Jin Wu spreads his wings, roars proudly to heaven and earth, and runs around the eight wastelands. The former demon clan, at its peak, occupied the heaven and established its own rule. Now the emperor is reborn and turns into a great merchant emperor. In his heart, he upholds the will of the past and sweeps the world. All living beings in heaven and earth, everyone can be a demon, practice the supernatural power of the demon clan, the art of demon cultivation, transcend the shackles, break the fate, achieve oneself, everyone is like a demon, heaven and earth are in harmony! Emperor Xin raised his head to the sky with a long roar, and the capital shook. The picture of ten thousand demons in front of him sank into the depths of the capital, and an endless stream of power gushed out from it. The scene of ten thousand demons floated,wall penstocks, monuments appeared one by one, and the sound of enlightenment sounded. Emperor Jun used to command all the demons of heaven and earth, but he never created a path that really suits him. Now he has created the art of demon cultivation. He wants to truly compete for heaven and earth. Xuanmen Shentong and Penglai Shentong are all created by the strong people in the realm of heaven. What Emperor Jun wants to do now is to set up another path and go out of himself. After cutting off the past, Emperor Junming realized all kinds of mysteries of heaven and earth, Qi Yun, and the integration of merit and virtue, which can surely help him reach the peak, reproduce the former greatness, command the big merchants, sweep away many enemies, and condense Qi Yun. Pass down the art of demon cultivation, gather the power of merit and virtue,Wall Penstocks, and go out of oneself. The potential of Emperor Jun in this life surpasses that of his previous life. All kinds of thoughts, from the heart of the emperor Xin across, a thought fell into the imperial capital, radiating in all directions, the evil spirit of the sky. The sorcery clan inherited the magical power of Pangu. In the past, Chiyou dominated one side and could compete for the position of the emperor. Later, although he was defeated, the sorcery clan's practice was also handed down in the human race, which set off endless storms and continued the sorceries'luck. Among the five emperors, there were also several who were involved. Emperor Zhuanxu, Emperor Shun and Emperor Yu were all deeply influenced, and the rise of the big merchants replaced Daxia, because the sorcery religion was widely spread in Daxia, which seriously affected the orthodoxy of the saints. Emperor Jun, after all, you chose such a road, doomed to the road of no return, go against the sky, create yourself, this is a kind of boldness of vision, but completely reversed the general trend, doomed you to go to the end! At the top of Longevity Hill, rapid sand filters ,disc air diffuser, Zhenyuanzi saw the breath of the Holy Way. He looked at Chaoge City, the capital of the Great Shang Emperor. His eyes were deep and his long gown was swinging. From his birth, Emperor Jun had a congenital cause and effect with Penglai. Then he fought with Penglai several times and was ambitious. At this time, Emperor Jun's choice was doomed to lead him to a road opposite to Penglai. Penglai is the orthodoxy of heaven and earth. Sorcery cultivation, demon cultivation, metaphysical cultivation, Buddhist cultivation and so on are all contrary. They are doomed to decline. Emperor Jun, in the past, the Master let you live in the hope that you will be enlightened. Now it seems that you have let the Master down. Then disappear completely! Zhen yuanzi showed a murderous look on his body, and the rustling breath enveloped the air and penetrated into the sky. As soon as the sage thought of killing, heaven and earth immediately felt something. It was wrong that the secret of heaven was disordered at this time, which would surely disturb the ten directions of heaven and earth. Even so, in the city of Chaoge, Emperor Jun still felt something. The eyes of the flame looked in the direction of Longevity Hill, and a murderous look emerged. In the past, the wrong Penglai vein was repeatedly blocked at critical moments, perhaps he would not miss the opportunity, and eventually he could only reincarnate, even so, he did not escape this cause and effect. Zhen yuanzi, bully people too much, I will take the road in the future, I will use your head to sacrifice to heaven! Emperor Xin's eyes pierced heaven and earth, and his overbearing mind swept to Longevity Hill and met the mind of Zhenyuanzi in the air. Boom! The strong impact spread out in the air, the void collapsed, and the aftermath shook the five elements. Jinwu spread its wings and burned heaven and earth. The divine wood reached the sky. Zhenyuanzi's mind turned into the tree of the world. It suppressed heaven and earth, wiped out the flames, put down the turmoil, and broke the mind of Emperor Jun. Emperor Jun, in the future, Muye will fight all over the world. We will surely go there and kill you completely to end this period of cause and effect! Zhen yuanzi's vigorous voice sounded in the air, like a thunderbolt, ringing in the ears of Emperor Jun. Muye battlefield, surely will be the land of the meteor saint, I want to retrograde slaughter saint, complete the great cause that has not been completed in previous lives, and transcend myself! Di Xin was so ambitious that he looked into the air and made his own voice, which resounded through the sky. Di Xin, Di Jun, reincarnated back, embarked on this road, interesting and interesting! The light of the sword flashed, and a smile came from the Biyou Palace on the Golden Turtle Island. [Chapter 613 Crisis] Wind and clouds everywhere, heaven and earth turbulence, ten strong all heart induction, even if the secret disorder, also let many strong hearts rise a sense of crisis, from the instinctive sense of crisis, let many strong out of the mountains, into the fairy world, looking for a chance of survival. Hot book pavilion bubble ( heaven and earth turmoil, not a piece of pure land. Streams of black light, emerging in the world, this moment, no one can continue to practice, once retrograde practice, or even the danger of going crazy, even the king, will fall. The road of spiritual practice is difficult, at least 60% of the strong, fell on the road of spiritual practice, and even some peerless pride, fell in their own demons. The fire of karma burns, and the great plunder is also the cleansing of heaven and earth for themselves, lightening the burden of heaven and earth. Powerful creatures, constantly absorb the spirit of heaven and earth, will cause the exhaustion of the spirit of heaven and earth, and through the catastrophe, eliminate many creatures, nature can easily reduce the pressure of heaven and Earth. A catastrophe is the replacement of heaven and earth, just like the living beings,filter nozzle, heaven and earth are constantly evolving, shaping towards the direction of the universe, and the emergence of three thousand worlds has more than doubled the size of the whole world.

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