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Such as ice biting, comfortable and comfortable, all return to peace and quiet. On the next day,stainless steel welded pipe, I get up and feel refreshed. After the meal, Chunxiao brought the medicine as usual. Knowing that this medicine has the effect of consolidating the foundation and cu

Because of their names attracted the curiosity of many players, although they can practice on the level, but has been suffering from no teacher, can only have the ability of the game. But itself belongs to the dilettante martial arts person, the study looks like the model. With the addition of the three of them, there is much less trouble. Mighty Man's "Freezing Technique" played a huge role at this time. After freezing a monster, it was quickly destroyed under our joint attack. Under the instruction of the evil spirit, the martial arts of the three people have improved a lot in an instant. With the clone of level 15, it is more than enough to deal with the monster under the Phoenix Mountain here. But as we move forward, the level of the monster is getting higher and higher, reaching nearly 100 levels. Like a level 99 fire troll, it can release a small fire demon, and the small fire demon can continue to release. When we meet this troll, we run away, or we will be wiped out if we are not careful. Only halfway up the Phoenix Mountain, in addition to the fire troll, there are 95 level fire spirit birds wandering in the air, not only a large number, but also very aggressive. We often suffer enough, and the players who want to take our treasure are almost invisible. It takes hundreds of people just to deal with the monster in the mountain, but the more people there are, the more monsters there are. At this time, the Phoenix Emperor in my arms suddenly sounded, I do not know why,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, but the Phoenix Emperor sounded for no reason, there must be something happening. Sure enough, all around the woods, we are alert to observe around, but unexpectedly drilled out a group of dense giant fire ants, this is probably the largest group of monsters on Fenghuang Mountain, although only 80, but there are countless fire ants naturally difficult to cope with. But these fire ants are around us, but they don't attack,brushed stainless steel sheet, they just stare at us. Then flocks of fire spirit birds also surrounded a watertight, as if the most difficult monsters in the Phoenix Mountain appeared one after another. The evil demon asked strangely, "Little Dragon, what happened? Did we kill their relatives?" The strong man then said, "Master, I think they are here to invite us." Go eat and drink! The super macho man secretly said to the super macho man, "This boy is flattering the master again!" The super strong man said, "It's no use shooting any more. It seems that we are doomed this time!" My heart is also difficult to speak, but the Phoenix Emperor in his hand told him that everything was fine and there was no need to worry. Just that kind of feeling of missing, but diffuse, like calling something. He was about to arrive at the place indicated by the treasure map, but suddenly there was an accident. After a while, more and more monsters appeared around, and the demon's face began to turn white. And the strong man's legs kept trembling, his face sweating and swallowing saliva. Suddenly, a sharp and long sound came into the air, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, and tens of thousands of monsters prostrated themselves. Respectfully greet the singing beast. The sky is full of red clouds, like countless colors, and a phoenix spreads its wings. It's like a huge cloud over our heads. And the phoenix in my hand seemed to hear the call, broke into a flame and rushed into the sky, turning into a very beautiful phoenix. Phoenix emperor meet, tens of thousands of monsters call together, the players around were scared to think that the monster attacked the city, Phoenix Mountain highlights the vision, the players in Liudu gathered one after another, but unexpectedly what happened. The Phoenix Emperor lingers in the sky, covering the glory of heaven and earth. The soft flame shines in all directions. The Phoenix Mountain is like a bride to be married, full of attractive beauty. Obscene demon sighs, "spectacle!"! Spectacle! But I have some heartache, this phoenix emperor disappeared like this, is because of this? Soon, tens of thousands of monsters dispersed like the Tathagata, and tranquility was restored around us. Only the phoenix emperor who lingered in the sky had not left yet, and after they slowly lingered several times, a shining thing fell from the sky. I hurried up to catch it, and it turned out to be a golden bead. I still felt the yearning, but it had turned into the yearning of a happy member. The three men quickly gathered around to see my beads, and I put them in my arms. Motioned them to shut up, although the evil spirit is strange, but also can not pull down the face to see. We quickly tidied up and immediately went on our way. (1-2 chapters in the future) Chapter 23 of the main text Liudu Adventure (7) Updated: 2008-07-29 22:13:10 Words in this Chapter: 1825 I don't know what the function of this bead is, but since it is left by the phoenix, the lost magic weapon turns into a gold bead, I'm afraid this thing is not useless. We continued to search according to the treasure map, but no more monsters came to harass us along the way. Even if we attacked those monsters, they fled and did not fight with us. This makes us save a lot of time, although the road is rugged and difficult to walk, there are many rare fruit trees in the mountains, many exotic fruits taste delicious and delicious. Unexpectedly, the evil spirit loved food and fruit, which made the three disciples suffer. The beefcake group carried a big bag of fruit and hobbled on the mountain road. And the fierce man who is good at flattery is even more bitter, and the demon calls him a good disciple. Naturally, we should bring more fruit for the master. After crossing the Phoenix Mountain and coming to the mountainside, we finally saw the strange lake in the forest. Marked on the map, not far from the lake, is the location of the treasure. The three men excitedly unloaded their packages and rushed into the lake, like a group of happy hippos, washing in the lake. Obscene demon looked at the heart also itch, but because of the identity, he regretted to accept these three people seem honest, but some cunning three men. He can't let go of himself now. But the demon was still a demon, and finally he could not resist the temptation and said to me, "Little Dragon, you wait here, I'll call the three boys!" Before he had finished speaking, the demon jumped quickly, but he did not forget to take off his clothes and jumped into the lake. Suddenly stirred up a splash, the strong man saw the master also to annoy, immediately the master and disciples four people play together. I quietly picked up the clothes of the demon and came to the lake. The sun was setting and the lake was sparkling. Surrounded by trees smiling in the wind, I can't help but be fascinated by the simple scenery. I squatted by the lake,304 Stainless Steel Bar, enjoying the rare tranquility, and the cold water dripped on my face, which made my heart really calm. sxthsteel.com

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