Infinite eschatological slave owners

Such as ice biting, comfortable and comfortable, all return to peace and quiet. On the next day,stainless steel welded pipe, I get up and feel refreshed. After the meal, Chunxiao brought the medicine as usual. Knowing that this medicine has the effect of consolidating the foundation and cu

Skill 3: Freeze Bind LV1. Effect Description: Freeze Earth Elementals on the target to bind the opponent. Duration depends on the target. It takes one second to cast. Skill 4: Rock Bomb LV2. Effect Description: Summon a huge stone from the sky to attack the opponent. It takes at least three seconds to cast the spell. The longer the time, the bigger the stone. Very good, personal combat power has reached 70, much higher than Kelos, ha ha ha! The wonderful battle of Kelos left a very deep impression in Hao Da's heart, and Hao Da could not help feeling elated when he thought that his fighting power was worth more than that of this tough female mage. PS: If you like it, you can collect it and recommend it. If the book is good, you will be more motivated! Also recommend brother's book [Chinese players in Europe], a very good competitive novel, like sports friends can see! Chapter 23 excretion is a problem. More than sixty slave cars of the seventh slave search team on the Malegebi wasteland formed a long line and galloped southward, and the red sun was tottering in the west. Over the motorcade, there are often birds in black flying up to patrol around, black slave cars, black birds in black clothes and black wings, looking like flies flying from time to time on a long black snake from a distance. There is no road on the wasteland, the grassland is uneven,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, the sand has large stone pits, and the strange thing is that the slave car, which is more than 60 meters long, runs very smoothly on such a wasteland at a speed of nearly 60 kilometers per hour. Hao Da's slave car was in the front of the motorcade. Most of the people in the carriage were sitting on the ground with handcuffs on their hands. The handcuffs were a very useful high-tech product on the bloody road. They could not only imprison most of their strength, but also imprison the operation of all elemental energies. It can be said that people with these handcuffs would become like ordinary people. The cabin is a little bit crowded, but the air quality is very good,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, not stuffy at all, obviously with a good exhaust system. The three of them were near the back of the carriage, and Kelos was sitting in the corner of the carriage looking at Tony lying next to her in silence, as if all her confidence had completely collapsed under Otto's finger, and her face was pale and haggard and confused. Tony's armor had been stripped off, his eyes were closed and he was still unconscious, his body was wrapped in green vines, which were still blooming with blue flowers, and if you look carefully, you will find a faint blue air on his face. Luo Kezhen sat next to Kelos, close to Hao Da's side, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and beside him sat Wang Hanfeng. Wang Hanfeng looked at Luo Kezhen sighing is also feeling very irritable, originally mixed with the underworld people mostly have the idea of a day a day, although he is forthright and optimistic, at first he was very indifferent to the people next to him to tell jokes and brag to kill time, but there happened to be a well-informed intelligence dealer next to him. The intelligence dealer, with a pale face, told all kinds of tragic ends after being captured by the slave search team! This Wang Hanfeng is also afraid up, including the people next to all scared pale, after all, have long heard all kinds of rumors, this after confirmation is not like a lie. Captives captured by the slave search team often end up in a very tragic situation. Slaves who are strong enough will be assigned to the Colosseum. Entering the Colosseum is basically a narrow escape from death, because there is a duel mode in the Colosseum. Whether it is a single fight or a group fight, only after one side dies is it over. And the third level of the element will be sent as a living battery to supply the city's energy consumption. As a living battery, you have to endure the pain of being alive to absorb the energy of the element every day. You really eat worse than a pig and live more tired than a dog. You can't die if you want to die! And those with outstanding appearance, regardless of men and women, will all be sent to the rich to vent their desires. This fate may be good for people who have special hobbies. However, Wang Hanfeng is not so BT. Thinking of his tall and straight appearance, it is impossible to describe it with Yushu Linfeng. It is likely that his future is such a tragic fate. He can't help but be full of fear for the future. As for the rest of the garbage goods will all be sent to the slaughterhouse, and then graded processing sent to the market, the fresh meat of the human race is a delicacy on the table for both the Tianyu race and the fish race! Wang Haofeng thought in a mess and could not help but lament for a long time. He looked at Hao Da, who was sleeping on the ground like a dead pig, and was a little envious: "The smarter the person is, the greater the pressure is!"! Single-cell people is a simple, what time can sleep so soundly! Suddenly the slave car shook, slowly stopped, at this time Hao Da opened his eyes and woke up. As the door of the slave car opened, the red sun that was about to set on the horizon sprinkled into the carriage, plating the car with a layer of blood-red light. A very fat man in black stood in the doorway and said in a very contemptuous tone, "It's time to shit and eat, only ten minutes!"! Those who are still outside the car when the time is up, kill! The Terran captives trudged out of the carriage in silence. Hao Da stood up and looked at the bloody sun outside the door and went out. Angel followed him silently. Strange? There's something wrong with Angel! Not like her character. Hao Da moved in his heart and opened Angel's information. Name: Angel, female, age: 21, race: Earth Han IQ rating: 1. Mental evaluation 1 +. Strength rating: 3. Agile Rating: 4 +. Glamour rating: 2 +. Physical toughness: 2 + Combat effectiveness index: 189. Combat Specialty 1: Wing Chun Personal simple information: I grew up in the United States, because my parents were not around, I was lonely and unsociable. He is currently studying at the School of Economics, University of Bremen,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, Germany. Be obsessed with martial arts and worship Bruce Lee [View Details] Mood State: Weird Dreams! But as long as I follow Hao Da, he can help me find my mother. Special Status: [Blood Contract]: As a follower of the slave owner, the relationship of contacting the blood of the slave owner automatically forms a blood contract. Blood Contract Effect: The psychedelic effect of entering the dream. The covenantor is regarded as an important person in his life. The two sides attack each other without causing any harm. Hao Da's face was strange and he remembered the last second before the transmission.

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