How can she be so good?

Admittedly, a chance encounter in the morning is like a white horse passing by in a twinkling of an eye.. But Its aftermath,best whirlpool tub, however, is like a pebble dropped on a calm lake. Even though the pebble itself has sunk to the bottom of the lake and disappeared, the ripples ca

She put the more than 20 yuan that the driver had not received on the side seat, then pushed the half-open door open, lifted her legs and stepped out of the car. She has to find Bai Yun. She must find her. The driver shouted a dirty word in the back, and she strode forward without hearing it, walking on the sidewalk beside the overpass. The wind was very strong and cold, blowing up her black hair, which fluttered wildly and wantonly. There was a rapid sound of footsteps behind her, but she did not care, but buried her head and walked faster, but the next second, her arm was pulled vigorously. At this moment, in the vast sea of cars beside her, there is a black Audi, and a man sitting in the Audi is locking his eyes on her. As soon as Xu Kuo heard that Bai Yun's company had an accident, he left the matter at hand and came to D province. It was not that he cared about Bai Yun, but that he knew that once Bai Yun had an accident, Xu Zhi would have no good life. He has never been to D province since he fell out with Xu Zhi that day. Hate her, but that hate is obviously more than a deeper and stronger love. He has been competing with himself, ordering himself not to humiliate himself again, but Xu Zhi really has something to do, he still rolled over. Xu Kuo caught a cold these two days and his head was dazed all the time. For safety reasons, he asked Xiao Chen,outdoor hot tub, the driver of the company, to drive him to D province. At this time, he stared at the tall and beautiful woman on the sidewalk, and when an old man tore her, his pupils shrank and he suddenly coughed violently. Cough, cough, cough! Seeing this, Xiao Chen hurriedly handed Xu Kuo's thermos cup to him. Xu Kuo unscrewed the lid and drank two mouthfuls of hot water before he felt a little better. His throat was not so itchy. He turned his head sideways and continued to look out of the window. The two men are still arguing. The driver,whirlpool hot tub spa, Xiao Chen, was in his twenties and was very lively. When he saw Xu Kuo looking out of the window without saying a word, he could not help but follow his line of sight. The beauty over there seems to have been pestered and bullied. Could it be that General Manager Xu has taken a fancy to her and wants to be a hero to save the beauty? Thinking of this, Xiao Chen said with a smile, "General Manager Xu, would you like to go down and have a look?" Xu Kuo did not speak. His hand on his leg loosened, tightened and loosened. Finally, he put his hand on the door handle. Just as he was about to open the door and get out of the car, he saw that Xu Zhi had given the man something. After the man took it, he stopped pestering him, studied the things in his hands, and left. Then, she also left. He withdrew his hand from the car door, clenched it into a fist and put it to his mouth, coughing a few times. Let's go . After Xu Zhi got out of the car, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi suppliers, the inflexible male driver chased her down. He grabbed her arm and refused to let her go. You won't be able to leave until the money is paid! The driver said in a stiff voice. Xu Zhi this can be in a hurry in the heart, which have the idea and driver grind, she jilted the arm, harsh voice way: "Let go!" " "Give me the money and I'll let you go!" Xu Zhi was annoyed and remembered something. She pulled down the zipper of her coat and pulled off the platinum necklace hanging around her neck. She has worn this necklace for two years. It was given to her by Xu Kuo. The necklace was clenched in her hand, which still had her body temperature, and her hand trembled slightly. This is a platinum necklace. You can sell it for money. Take it, I'm going! Her voice was terribly cold. The driver took the platinum necklace with cold light, and his eyes lingered on it, and his eyes could not hide his greed. Xu Zhi looked at the necklace in the driver's hand and opened his eyes like a stinging eye. Without another word, she turned and left here. . The overpass is not far from the building of Yingyue Record Company. Xu Zhi walked fast and arrived in ten minutes. At this time, the audience under the company building was blocked, and many of them were reporters from the major media. Xu Zhi can not squeeze in, also can not hear any useful news, her heart is restless, chest also because of the pain of milk. She was pushed aside, staggered back unsteadily, and nearly fell. She simply stayed away from the crowd. Suddenly, the mobile phone, which had been silent for a long time, finally vibrated for a long time. Her heartbeat slowed down and she quickly took out her mobile phone, only to see a string of calls from unfamiliar numbers belonging to D province. She looked undisguisedly disappointed, hesitated for two seconds, and pressed the answer. Hello, Xiaozhi, it's me. ” Unexpectedly, it's Bai Yun's voice! The moment she heard her voice coming from the receiver, her nose was sour and her voice choked: "Well, where are you now?"? What the hell is going on? Does it matter? "Hey, don't mention it. I was cheated by a dog man.". Damn, think about it to get angry, I Bai Yun this life royal male countless, did not expect to finally fall on the man. "What should we do now?" After listening to Bai Yun's words, Xu Zhi's heart was indescribably heavy. Bai Yun laughed twice and joked, "What can I do? I'm cold, baby." Nothing. Tell me where you are now. Also, your godson came out of my stomach yesterday. Bai Yun was silent for a second, and then surprised: "Wow, I want to see my son!" Xu Zhi in the heart one acid, "that comes back first, this matter, we carry the past together." Bai Yun was silent for a long time before she said a good word. Xu Zhi hung up the phone with a heavy heart. The compensation will be 500 million yuan, not to mention the salaries of the employees and artists. Yingyue Records is just a third-rate record company, and the shareholders of Bai Yun's joint company can't afford so much money. Can't come up with money, the company will be taken to auction mortgage, when the money is not enough, will have to take all the private property of Bai Yun to offset. Xu Zhi remembered that besides the house in Mozhuyuan, S City, Xu Nianqing had transferred two shop fronts under her name, which added up to about five million according to the current market situation. It was the best she could do. Although five million is insignificant,China spa factory, it can help her a little. Xu Zhi thought. Encounter the matter of Bai Yun, Xu Zhi naturally has to be vigorous and resolute. She intends to get everything done in these two days. She hung her head and walked forward, thinking that she would go back to S city today.

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