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The next day, not surprisingly,ceramic bobbin heater core, Dongmen Street was already full of people. Some fans of Le Sixuan had already lined up in front of the new store. Many people passing by could not help but follow the trend. After all, the bread and cakes made by the shops that cou

"Then why did they suddenly come to our shop?" "What's all the fuss about? Sister Le is a celebrity in the live broadcast of salted fish, and she must know other anchors." The two girls chattered for a moment until they were stared at by the supervisor before they closed their mouths, but from time to time they looked in the direction of the five people sitting, wondering what they were talking about with Sister Le? "The new store is doing well." Xia Shishi sat next to Xia Shuyang. They were brother and sister. Before the rise of live broadcasting, the younger sister liked to pull her brother to sing and dance in the camera. Unexpectedly, the beauty of the two brothers and sisters attracted a large number of fans. After graduation, they also focused on their live broadcasting career. Because of their solid fan base, they were also ranked in the salted fish live broadcasting. Le Sixuan blinked and said casually, "In fact, it's very simple. Please help me stand at the intersection and distribute leaflets to attract guests." "What?" "Hand out leaflets?" "Are you kidding?!" Except for Ouyang Ruixiu, who was a little calmer, the other three all changed their faces and looked at Le Sixuan with astonishment in their eyes. The four of them were all celebrities in the live broadcast of salted fish. They thought they were called by Le Sixuan to help them stand on the stage in the shop, but now Le Sixuan said that the street sending orders to solicit customers had gone beyond their bottom line. Among the four, Wang Mengyi was not very familiar with Le Sixuan. She stood up without thinking and looked at her without hesitation. "Le Sixuan, don't think that if Jiang always protects you, you will have nothing to fear. We are just the contracted anchors of the salted fish live broadcast, not your employees." Wang Mengyi said that General Manager Jiang was the backer of Le Sixuan in the live broadcast of salted fish. He was the deputy general manager of the live broadcast of salted fish. He usually opened a lot of back doors for Le Sixuan. The interests between them were very complicated and could not be explained clearly at that time. Le Sixuan sat on the sofa, watching Wang Mengyi leave the pace, such as glass eyes flashed a touch of disdain, the voice slightly elevated a few minutes, "OK, then go back and wait to be frozen." "Who do you think you are?" "Oh, do you think General Manager Chen can save you?" Le Sixuan hooked her lips with a smile that was somewhat treacherous. "Don't you know?"? Mr. Chen has submitted his resignation letter, and we will see the announcement tomorrow. Looking at Wang Mengyi, who had just looked arrogant, her face was pale at the moment. Le Sixuan looked at her with a smile. "Surprise?" "Do you have any opinions?" "How come Xiaoxuan asked us to come and help,alumina c799, and she looked up to us!" Xia Shishi managed to maintain a smile on her face. She didn't dare to face Le Sixuan like Wang Mengyi. "What time do you say? I'll come on time tomorrow." "Eight o'clock." Chapter 72 the opponent is coming (2). Finally wait for you ~ Tuanzi's cake is strong in Dongmen Street! What is the charm of the cake of the online celebrity shop Tuanzi? Look for the most popular koi in summer and get a chance to get free cake all summer ~ On the eve of opening, Le Sixuan had already contacted the famous food public number of Mordor to publish marketing articles, but the public number with the largest number of fans and the highest activity in Mordor did not move, instead, it published marketing articles of other stores. At this time, in a small office, Xu Huhu looked at the new information that popped up in the chat box, and the white screen shone on her face, which showed that she looked quite entangled at this time. Thought for a moment, tiptoe a tiptoe, swivel chair slowly turned a circle, kicked the office chair of Yu Jimo next door, Xu Huhu black eyes blinked, "Mo Mo, Kamado bbq grill ,ceramic bobbin element, Le Sixuan has opened to 20000 an advertising soft text, really do not pick up?" "No!" "That's twenty thousand yuan!" Xu Huhu is quite distressed, even if Yu Jimo has a hard time with Le Sixuan, but we can't have a hard time with money! Usually she receives an advertisement soft article, at most 8000 yuan, now there is a chance of high social status in front of her, she can only give up in vain. Yu Jimo some disdain Nu Nu mouth, looking at Xu Huhu's eyes a bit hate iron does not become steel, "Tut, Xu Huhu, twenty thousand yuan can buy you?"? Have you forgotten who Le Sixuan is targeting this time? Hearing this, Xu Huhu was stunned at first, and soon remembered that it was completely different from the look of hesitation just now, and this time it was unusually straightforward, "then I refused!"! Little brother is more important! As he spoke, he turned around and typed a long paragraph on the keyboard, seemingly rejecting others. Behind the jade Jimo look a bit complicated, feelings get along with one or two years of colleagues can not compare with Lou Qingyu this "little brother", can not help but hum, friends! When Xu Huhu turned off the chat box, his eyes passed over the articles of other public accounts, and he secretly said, "Le Sixuan, that woman is really willing to give up. She has found at least a dozen public accounts to advertise tonight. She has invested so much that she is not afraid of losing money." Be next to Mi Xi heard, thin lips move, "loss is certainly not a loss, but is the early investment, the cost can not be recovered for the time being, look at Le Sixuan this posture, alley bakery business will certainly be affected." Yu Jimo twisted his eyebrows, and his tone was full of disapproval. "Tut, it's not so easy. You haven't tasted the craft of the little brother. Le Sixuan's cake can only be a little more delicious than the usual shop. People who really understand food know how to choose." "Wait, Mo Mo, my friend in the same trade just told me some inside information." Xu Huhu was looking at the news that jumped out, and when she saw the lines of text, she looked a little wrong, "Tomorrow there will be four net red broadcasters on the live platform." "Which four?" Yu Jimo frowned and looked a little uneasy. Didn't say. Short hair woman's eyes set off a trace of magnificent, worried mood winding to her eyebrows, if only Le Sixuan's own appeal, perhaps the attraction is not so strong, if it is plus a few other people, she can not guarantee what the situation will be. The next day, not surprisingly,ceramic bobbin heater core, Dongmen Street was already full of people. Some fans of Le Sixuan had already lined up in front of the new store. Many people passing by could not help but follow the trend. After all, the bread and cakes made by the shops that could make many people line up should be very delicious, right. global-ceramics.com

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