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Liu Si nodded, it was reasonable, and asked something else to Shallow. Words do not say a word, quietly listening to two people to analyze the reasons for the disappearance of snow words, eating their own cakes, drinking their own porridge, chewing slowly. When they had racked their brains

Shang Fangyou took off Bai Dongyong's hand, stared at Bai Dongyong and said, "You are proud." "I smirked and smirked." Bai Dongyong happily sang the song "Smile of Pride" by Li Lifen. Dongyong, you go to talk to Shanshan, and let me sleep with you tonight, "said Shang Fangyou, pulling the proud Bai Dongyong with a grin." No way. "Finish.". Bai Dongyong looked at the kitchen and shouted, "Shanshan, let me help you." "No, baby.". You can play, and I'll be ready in a minute. "When cooking, I don't like others to help.". Besides, Bai Dongyong can't do anything, and he may not be able to help. After a while, four dishes and one soup were all ready for me. I came out with two dishes and looked at them who were fighting and said,heavy duty cantilever racks, "Hurry up and bring the meal." Looking at the way we eat around this table now, it really feels like a family. Shanshan, the food you cooked is really delicious, no worse than the chef in the restaurant. "Shang Fangyou exclaimed as he ate." If it's really good, eat more. Zhuo Renyu looked at Shanshan and wanted to say something to Shanshan, but he couldn't say it. I had to lower my head and eat seriously. Chai Junren in the hospital said that he would not eat anything in the hospital. I have been waiting for Shanshan to bring him a meal. Chai Junren looked at his watch. It was already past one o'clock,asrs warehouse, but Shanshan still didn't come. He felt that Shanshan could not come back and was ready to sleep with his head covered. Hey, the nurse said you don't eat, what's wrong? "I came to the hospital with the porridge for Chai Junren.". As soon as I got to the ward, the nurse told me that Chai Junren didn't eat. Hearing Shanshan's voice, Chai Junren stretched out his head and turned up the corners of his mouth and said, "I'm waiting for you to bring me a meal." "Faint.". Aren't you afraid that I won't send it to you? "I decided to make this porridge for Chai Junren at the last minute.". If I hadn't thought of it, he would have been hungry. I believe you will send me "Chai Junren looked at the rice in Shanshan's hand and laughed happily." "What is worth being so happy?" I asked while helping Chai Junren up and looking at the happy Chai Junren. I am glad that you forgive me. Shanshan, I promise you, I will never trust others again. I will always trust you. "Chai Junren looked at Shanshan and raised three fingers." When did I say I forgive you? "I thought of a question, how to make them accept Chai Junren.". But my brain almost exploded, and I didn't come up with it. I had to give it to Chai Junren. Ah. Shanshan, mobile racking systems ,push back racking system, please forgive me. "Chai Junren looked at Shanshan pitifully." Let me forgive you, then you let the six of them accept you. "Do you forgive me if they accept me?" "Yes, I will forgive you whenever they accept you." ———————————————— In order to thank Qinqin who has always supported me, I upload two chapters today. You need more votes. o(∩_∩)o... ! [Text: Chapter 55] When I got home, I advised them to go to the hospital to see Chai Junren. But they said they wouldn't go to the hospital. Sometimes, when I was sent to the hospital gate, they turned around and left. Chai Junren stayed in the hospital for a week without seeing them. This day, Chai Junren really can't wait. When the doctor came to examine Chai Junren, he looked at the doctor and asked, "Doctor, can I leave the hospital today?" "No, your body is not completely good." "My body is all right, so let me leave the hospital." "No, you can observe for a few more days." Doctor, I have something very important to do. Just let me out of the hospital. "Is it important to have your body?" Yes, this is more important than my life. "That won't get you out of the hospital." "As long as you let me out of the hospital, I will give you as much money as you want." Chai Junren's words happened to be heard by me who had just come to the door. Walking into the ward, I looked at Chai Junren, who was still pestering the doctor, and said, "So rich.". I forgot that you are a big boss. It's too unfair to bring you this kind of food every day. The doctor looked at me and nodded and turned to leave the ward. Shanshan, don't say that. I just said that when I was in a hurry. I haven't even seen them for a week. "How can he make them accept him if he hasn't seen them all the time?" Take good care of your injury, and don't think too much about anything else. "Chai Junren doesn't cherish his body so much, which makes me angry." Then you can forgive me, Shanshan. "Forget it." I put down the food in my hand and turned to leave here. Chai Junren changed his clothes and followed Shanshan secretly. Chai Junren wants to know where Shanshan lives. Chai Junren felt that as long as he knew where Shanshan lived, it would be much easier to find them. My heart is very confused. He just walked forward without noticing that someone was following him. When I walked into the house and turned to close the door, Chai Junren ran in front of me. When I saw Chai Junren, I opened my mouth wide and didn't know what to say. Won't Shanshan invite me in? "Chai Junren looked at Shanshan's surprised appearance, and he grinned." You! Why did you run out by yourself? "I finally recovered." I'm really fine. It's just that the doctor made a fuss. "Then you can't run out without saying a word." It's all right. Are they here? "No, please go back." But as soon as I finished, they ran up frolicking. What are you doing here? "Bai Dongyong stared at Chai Junren standing at the door, as if Chai Junren was his enemy for many years." "I'm here to see you," said Chai Junren politely with a smile. I'm sorry, we have nothing to say to you. "But I want to say to you," Chai Junren still looked at Bai Dongyong without changing his face. " No time, "Bai Dongyong pushed Chai Junren away and went in.". Looking at their cold appearance,shuttle rack system, Chai Junren thought in his heart, 'Even if you are icebergs, I will melt them for Shanshan.' 。

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