Quickly wear the undead patient.

Liu Si nodded, it was reasonable, and asked something else to Shallow. Words do not say a word, quietly listening to two people to analyze the reasons for the disappearance of snow words, eating their own cakes, drinking their own porridge, chewing slowly. When they had racked their brains

Human beings are subconsciously outward to beautiful things, he may be dazzled by the beautiful appearance of young people, so he fell into a deep infatuation with him, not because he really liked him. What right does he have to like him? The young man has a beautiful family, a handsome appearance, and a life that everyone envies, but he has nothing but a shallow feeling based on the beautiful appearance of the young man. Before it's too late, he should pull back from the precipice and not sink any deeper. Xie Shu gave a wry smile and trembled his lips to open his mouth, but his voice was stuck in his throat and did not jump to the tip of his tongue. Like "I only like you." His voice, which was almost the same as his, suddenly came out of the TV. Xie Shu was stunned. However, in the few seconds he was stunned, the stereo also burst out with very sweet and cheerful music, mixed with the excited voice of the heroine: "I like you too!" "I like you too!" Xie Shu stared at the young man who had been facing him all the time and suddenly turned his head. The beautiful peach blossom had a thin layer of water in its eyes, misty, and a happy and aggrieved smile on its lips. Regardless of his arms and legs, which were still in plaster, he raised his other hand and rushed at him. Xie Shu was worried that he could not see anything and would fall to the ground, so he quickly sat close to him and hugged him. Why didn't you say so. The young man clasped his neck,warehousing storage solutions, rubbed his cheek against his neck, and murmured his breath wet and hot, "I thought you didn't like me.." I'm so sad. Xie Shu had no time to take care of the voice in the TV, but tightened his arm and gently encircled the young man's frail and slender body in his arms. He sighed as if he was resigned to his fate, and with some slight rejoicing: "I don't like those.." I only like you. Su Jinzhi is going to be so happy! When Xie Shu asked him what he wanted to see, he almost said "I want to see you" subconsciously. Fortunately, even though he braked the car,industrial racking systems, he did not say such shameful words. But he also does not want to continue to be so introverted to pretend to be good, Xie Shu is really too silent! Su Jinzhi had to wonder if it was because he had spoken too much in the previous few worlds that he had spoken so little in this world. If he pretends to be as indifferent as Xie Shu, it will be a long time before the two of them start falling in love? So Su Jinzhi began to search for some of the flirtatious methods he had seen before. Soon, he thought of a trick-to ask a man something that everyone would like. As long as the man kept answering "like", then his last question could be answered "like" as a matter of course. Even if it's just a misunderstanding caused by answering too quickly, he can flirt with a man a little, and he won't suffer at all. As a result, Xie Shu was so rational that he didn't even like money. Su Jinzhi suddenly became anxious. He wanted to ask the last sentence but didn't dare to ask. He was afraid that Xie Shu would give him a "dislike". In the few seconds of Xie Shu's silence, Su Jinzhi lost all hope and was ready to be rejected, but he did not expect Xie Shu to give him a different answer from the previous one. Even if Xie Shu was a slip of the tongue, Su Jinzhi was satisfied, but Xie Shu added to him: "I only like you." You only like me. I only like you, too. Su Jinzhi could not suppress his joy at that moment, shuttle rack system ,wire mesh decking, so he wanted to hold Xie Shu tightly. He put his intact hand around Xie Shu's neck and rubbed it against his neck, smelling the familiar breath on his body. His eyes were sour and hot, and he almost shed tears. After Xie Shu repeated his love words again, Su Jinzhi raised his head directly and kissed him on his face. Because he could not see anything, the first time he did not kiss, Su Jinzhi only kissed the man's chin, but he did not immediately move his lips away, but rubbed and continued to move up, found the man's lips and pressed them heavily, and even took the initiative to reach out the tip of his tongue, trying to seduce him to lick his lips. Xie Shu was shocked by Su Jinzhi's series of movements, as if he could not imagine that the clever, restrained and seemingly extremely shy secret love object suddenly became so open, Xie Shu opened his eyes and failed to react for a moment, until two soft things covered his lips, Xie Shu suddenly came to his senses, and subconsciously retreated to avoid the young man's kiss. So the young man kept sticking out the tip of his tongue and stopped not far from him. The young man's scarlet tongue was sticking out of his lips, tender and red, and his lips were moist, with bright water marks. When Xie Shu looked at him, he could almost remember the hot and humid feeling when the young man kissed him and licked his lips. Xie Shu couldn't help licking his lower lip, which had just been licked by the young man. You The young man took his tongue back. His rosy lips were tightly pursed, his eyebrows slightly frowned, and his godless eyes had no focus. He looked at him falsely, but his eyes were full of doubts. After a moment, he opened his mouth again, and the tender red and delicious tip of his tongue appeared between his lips and teeth. "Xie Shu.." Xie Shu closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Your brother is coming out soon.." When the young man heard this, his eyes suddenly brightened. "Then we.." You can go back to your room! Xie Shu had no choice but to reach out and embrace the young man. "I'll take you back." The young man, however, managed to avoid his hand and got out of his arms, saying, "I want you to carry me.." "But your legs." Xie Shu hesitated, after all, the young man's legs and arms were still in plaster. I just want you to go behind my back. One night said too many words, Su Jinzhi's voice has been very hoarse, even some pain, but he still wants to say more words with Xie Shu, "you carry me." Xie Shu could not resist Su Jinzhi's soft voice request, sighed and squatted down in front of him, carefully holding the young man, but the young man insisted on waving his hand, throwing himself heavily on his back as if he had been looking forward to it for a long time, hugging his neck,heavy duty cantilever racks, spitting hot and humid breath on the side of his neck, and in his hoarse voice he could not hide his joy and happiness, but also some very secret sadness. Repeated his name: "Xie Shu … …" Xie Shu.. 。 jracking.com

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