Unlocking FC 24 Glory: How to Get Ángel Di María's Elite Player Card

Dive into the virtual football world with FC 24's player cards and discover the sensational Ángel Di María's TOTS Plus card. With a staggering 94 overall rating, this Center Forward ignites the game with top-notch pace, shooting, and an unrivaled dribbling ability. Seeking to

Introduction About Ángel Di María


Ángel Fabián Di María, born on the 14th of February 1988, has established himself as a formidable presence on the football pitch, known for his exceptional skills as a right winger and attacking midfielder. Currently playing for Primeira Liga club Benfica and the Argentine national team, Di María's finesse and agility make him a profound playmaker, with a notable talent for dribbling and a signature flair in finishing. His journey in the sport began with Rosario Central, but it was his move to Benfica at the tender age of 19 that marked the advent of his ascent in European football, propelling the team to a league victory that had eluded them for five years, along with two Taça da Liga titles.

Di María's career took a significant leap forward when he joined Real Madrid in 2010, with a transfer that spoke volumes of his growing prowess, valued at €25 million. His time at Madrid was decorated with success, including a La Liga title and the prestigious UEFA Champions League triumph. The Argentine's potential caught the eyes of Manchester United, which secured his services in 2014 with a British record deal. Although his tenure in England was brief, it was distinguished by his selection in the FIFPRO Men's World 11. Subsequently, Di María's move to Paris Saint-Germain saw him amass an impressive collection of domestic silverware, becoming the club's ninth-highest goalscorer and leading assist provider, before venturing to Juventus and ultimately returning to Benfica in 2023.

Internationally, Di María's contributions to the Argentine national team have been nothing short of illustrious. Debuting in the under-20 squad in 2007, he quickly showed his mettle by helping Argentina clinch the FIFA U-20 World Cup. A year later, his winning goal at the Olympic Games secured back-to-back gold medals for his country. Since his senior team debut in 2008, Di María has been capped over 130 times and played in nine major tournaments, including four FIFA World Cups. His pivotal role in Argentina's journey to the 2022 World Cup victory—securing their first title in 36 years with a goal in the final—cemented his legacy, alongside his decisive score in the 2021 Copa América final, bringing home the long-awaited trophy. Di María's career stands as a testament to his status not just as a player, but as a true football icon.

Ángel Di María's TOTS Plus card

In the world of virtual football, Ángel Di María's TOTS Plus card stands out as a formidable Center Forward with an impressive overall rating of 94. With attributes that make any opponent wary, this card boasts a pace rating of 92, ensuring rapid advancement on the pitch, and a shooting rating of 90, promising precision in finding the back of the net. The exceptional passing rating of 98 paired with a dribbling rating of 98 allows for unparalleled control and creativity in playmaking. Although his defense rating sits at 59, it is his offensive capabilities that shine, complemented by a robust physicality rating of 80. This makes Di María's card a quintessential asset for players looking to employ a sharp attacking winger, capable of dissecting defenses with speed and finesse, while also possessing the clout to score crucial goals and clinch victories in the heat of the game.


How to Obtain Ángel Di María's Player Card

To acquire FC24 coins, which you may need to obtain Ángel Di María's TOTS Plus card in FC 24, there are several strategies you can employ. - The first method involves purchasing card packs. This approach is based on chance, and while it's possible to get the TOTS Plus card this way, the odds are low, and it's a gamble. - Another way is by completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). By fulfilling specific tasks, you could be rewarded with the card, though this requires time and potentially other resources to complete the challenges. - Lastly, you can opt to buy the card directly from the transfer market. This is the most straightforward method, but it comes with a high cost, as the card's going rate is approximately 2.21 million UT Coins. Each of these methods has its own drawbacks, from the uncertainty and potential expense of opening packs to the effort and cost of completing SBCs or the substantial investment required to purchase the card on the transfer market.


Fastest Ways to Earn FC 24 Coins


Earning FC 24 Coins through conventional methods like trading player cards, tackling weekly objectives, or engaging in Draft mode can be a tedious affair. These standard practices often fail to accumulate coins swiftly, leaving players in a prolonged grind, especially when eyeing high-tier player cards such as Ángel Di María's TOTS Plus, which could take an impractical amount of time to afford. These drawbacks steer players towards alternative solutions.

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