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China Plastic Film factory

Transparent ETFE film is extruded from imported raw materials. It has strong heat resistance and can be continuously used at a high temperature of 150oC. It has high chemical stability, excellent invisibility, abnormal lubricity, excellent electrical insulation, aging resistance and low friction.
Transparent ETFE film is commonly used as release film for carbon fiber aeroplane panels which have high mechanical and performance requirement, It is also used in the field of flexible solar electromagnetic packaging, FPC release and sealing bags, membrane structures and agricultural greenhouses.


鈼?chemical stability - not affected by any strong acid, alkali, oxidant and almost all solvents
鈼?temperature resistance - operating temperature range (- 100-150oc)
鈼?non stick - the surface is smooth and transparent, and does not stick to any substance
鈼?aging resistance - long term exposure, service life of more than 15 years
鈼?friction resistance - 0.06

Application锛歝arbon fiber release


DensityTensile StrengthElongation at BreakMelting Point
1.73~1.74g/cm340-50MPa300锛?00锛?/p 270oC

Standard Specification

25um1250mm100M upCan be customized; red/blue in colour; perforated/ non-perforated
50um1250mm100M up
100um1250mm100M up
*Other specifications can be customised
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