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Dongyang Yingzi Trading Co., Ltd Our History
Yingzi Trading Co., Ltd. was established on April 30, 1999. Legal representative Liu Guiying, the company's business scope includes: manufacturing and sales of clothing, knitwear, bedding, shoes and hats, toys, craft accessories; clothing design; venue leasing; catering management; property services; enterprise management consulting; self-operated import and export business; Software development, sales and related technical consultation; corporate image planning; advertisement production and release; network technology development, etc.
Our Factory
Dongyang Yingzi Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of Yingzi brand men's clothing products. The company has always been adhering to the development ideas and business purposes of "expanding fashion with quality, winning customers with service, seeking survival with management, and seeking development with innovation", adhering to the marketing concept of "honest cooperation, win-win future", and established a standardized chain operation. The system has now opened more than 300 specialty stores in 25 provinces and cities across the country, with extensive influence and high brand recognition and reputation in the market. All the products of our company have passed the IS09001 quality system certification, and have been unanimously recognized and loved by consumers. At the same time, the company takes promoting national brands as its own responsibility, and aims to create "China's cutting-edge fashion professional wear and haute couture brand", adheres to the sustainable development strategy, is pragmatic and diligent, constantly develops and innovates, and strives to inherit the essence of the "Red Gang" suit craftsmanship , with the tenet of "fine workmanship, crisp lining, home ironing, fashionable styles, exquisite fabrics, complete specifications, and comfortable wearing". It provides high-end installation services for large-scale systems such as finance, highways, banks, aviation, and electric power, as well as enterprises and institutions.
Our Product
Men's Suits, Men's Shirts, Women's Career Suits, Men's Trousers, Women's Casual Pants, Women's Shirts, Men's Polo Shirts, Skirts, Men's Coats, Women's Wool Jackets, Men's T-Shirts, Dresses, Collar Accessories, Scarves/Scarves/Sunscreen men's miscellaneous bag
Product Application
General items of business scope: wholesale of clothing and apparel; Internet sales (except for commercial and residential products that require a license); retail of clothing and apparel; sales of clothing accessories; wholesale of shoes and hats; retail of shoes and hats; Cosmetics wholesale; cosmetics retail; needle textile sales; arts and crafts and etiquette supplies sales (except ivory and its products); sporting goods and equipment wholesale; sporting goods and equipment zero stationery wholesale; stationery retail; pet food and supplies wholesale toys Sales; sales of household appliances; sales of optical communication equipment (except for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities are carried out independently according to law with business licenses). Licensed items: Internet sales of food (sale of pre-packaged food); wholesale of medicines; sales of health food (items subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments, and the specific business items are subject to the approval results).
Production Equipment
TPU hot-melt film production machine, double-purpose rolling machine, cutting machine, electric knife, computer system for marking, interlining machine, buttonhole machine, sewing machine, overlock machine, lockstitch machine, four-thread overlock sewing machine , flat double-needle, double-needle machine, chain machine, three-needle five-thread interlock sewing machine, buttonhole machine, buttoning machine and other near-money equipment.Dongyang Yingzi Trading Co., Ltd


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